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Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Playing again

Wow, almost a year since I last played. I got a little frustrated with some of the bugs that were happening at the time I last played. Aliens not maintaining their human appearance was the big one for me. Anyway, I decided recently to load things up again and after updating my mods and CC to ensure it was all in working condition I continued my LeGacy family.

When I last played, Harmony (legacy heir) was pregnant with her 2nd child. Her daughter, Inara was just about to age into a toddler when the baby arrived. Harmony and Akira welcomed their son Ivan to the family.

To update on the rest of the family, Braylen is still alive and going strong. With his alien DNA and fitness carreer, I have a feeling he may be around for some time yet. Grace is nearing the end of her time and will soon be reunited with Jacoby. I'm curious to see how well the new system for ghosts works out. I haven't received any death notices since I got back into the game, but from what I've read, urns now appear on the home lot when a sim dies.. making my previous solution obsolete, definitely something I'm waiting to check out!

Inara (LeGacy Heir)

Ivan LeGacy

Braylen playing with Inara

Harmony teaches Inara some manners!

Thursday, June 08, 2017

When Harry met, not that Movie...Penny!

Harry recently started a social media career and received his first promotion. He celebrated with a night out in  San Myshuno

Singing karaoke with Heyden while celebrating Harry's promotion.

These brothers sound good! 

When Harry Met Penny
(sounds like a movie) 

Harry and Penny headed to the spa for a date

Harry proposed to Penny while at the spa

Luckily for Harry, Penny had already said yes before this unfortunate turn of events.
Penny was asleep in one of the spa rooms and was unaware of Harry's accident.

An informal ceremony was held at the family home

The wedding kiss

Harmony and Akira welcome the birth of Inara

Tell me my baby is pretty! 

Daddy's Girl! 


6 generations apart shown in this picture.
That's Cali in the picture on the wall :)

Grace is enjoying the grandma role! 

Braylen takes being great grandpa right in stride!

Great Grandpa's Girl! 

Mummy has to fight to get her daughter back from the grandparents!

8th Generation

I realized I posted updates from my game lately since coming back to playing Sims 4 but haven't posted my 8th generation profiles. They are now all young adults, all happily married and starting families of their own.

Hunter - Art Lover, Good, Goofball
Public Enemy

Hunter moved out of the family home early on and has had a series of relationships and fathered a number of children, at my last count, 6 daughters, one that seems to have inherited Braylen's alien traits.

Legacy Heir
Snob, Creative,Mean
Painter Extraordinaire

Hamilton Self Assured, Lazy, Evil
Friend of the World

(Human Disguise)

Hamilton's True Form

Neat, Creative, Goofball
Bestselling Author

Creative, Evil
Party Animal

The Spouses

Akira - Self Assured, Romantic, Jealous
Married to Harmony

Angelina - Neat, Loner, Glutton
Married to Heyden

Candace - Glutton, Bro, Gloomy
Married to Hamilton

Penny - Ambitious, Outgoing, Romantic
City Native
Married to Harry

 The children so far

Jessie Legacy - Clingy
Heyden's Daughter

Friday, May 26, 2017

May 2017

Back to the Sims 4

I stopped playing for a while, but I've come back. Lots of changes! I got City Living for Christmas, so that added some new game play for me. I also upgraded my video card, so hopefully my images will show some improvement :). While I don't have any in my family yet, I hear there are also TODDLERS! Looking forward to experiencing that when the time comes..which may be soon...

First, some older screenshots from when I was playing previously.

Faith died while out on a fishing trip with Grace at the Hidden Grotto

Faith returned for a visit with Braylen,
showing even death doesn't stop the feelings between these two!

Giles died at a gardening gathering

The following images are from my return to the game in May 2017.

The triplets have aged up to teens!
Hayden, Harmony and younger brother Harry all spend some time studying here

First kiss for Hayden and Angelina

Hamilton shares his first kiss with girlfriend Candace.

Harmony takes after her parents and heads for the closet with boyfriend Akira

Hamilton pops the question!

Hayden almost left it a little late!
They eloped just before heading to the hospital!

Candace and Hamilton exchange vows in a private ceremony

Wedding kiss!

As the family heir, Harmony insisted on a big wedding

Grace looks on as Harmony and Akira share a wedding kiss

With all the birthdays and weddings, it wasn't all happiness. The Grim Reaper returned for a visit to the LeGacy household.
Jacoby dies 

Jacoby's Urn waiting to be moved to the Legacy Cemetary

 Notices were also received that family members who have moved away have also passed on. Garth and Garrison have both died, along with Nickolas (Son of Fiona, grandson of Ella) and Lakshmi (wife of Garth).

Disappearing Sims!

I took a break from playing Sims 4, but I'm back again! Before I post my Legacy family updates, I have a bit of a discovery I made when I returned to my game.

Disappearing Sims! When I loaded up my Legacy family, the first thing I noticed was my 2 elders, Braylen and Jacoby were missing from the household. I knew when I last played they were still active in the family. Considering Braylen is an Alien and has the long life attribute from his fitness career and Jacoby was nearing the end but I hadn't yet gotten the warning message, there was no reason for them to be gone.

I exited out of my game and headed to Mod the Sims and double checked my mods and CC to ensure that I had everything up to date for the latest patch. That all checked out. I discovered that MC Command Center was no longer hosted at Mod the Sims and had located to a new site (MCCC Link). Updated all necessary files there. Reloaded my game, hovered over the household and all members appeared, loaded the lot and both elders disappeared again!

I then doubled checked my MCC settings to ensure that elders weren't being shipped out to retirements homes but everything looked to be set up properly.

I then took out my mods folder from my game completely, reloaded and both elders remained in the household. This indicated that the issue was indeed a mod/CC problem. I know the majority of the time when sims start disappearing, the blame is placed on culling, but in an active/played household culling shouldn't happen, especially when mods are in place to prevent culling from happening, which is why I didn't even consider it in the first place. I just had my suspicions that something in my mods folder was the culprit and when I loaded up my game mod free and my elders remained in place I knew I was on the right track.

Mods folder Organization
I organize my mods folder pretty rigidly to help with situations like this. So I started out with adding back in the items I didn't think were the cause of the problem. I started by adding in the Build Mode, CAS and Items Folders. Reloaded my game and the Elders were still present.

Added back in MCC expecting my elders to disappear. I thought that maybe I had something set up incorrectly in regards to my elders and played households, what puzzled me was my missing elders didn't show up anywhere in household management either, they just disappeared from all existence including the family tree. When I loaded back up again however, my elders were still in the family, so MCC wasn't the culprit. That left the script mods folder, which contains about 20 mods in total, the majority of these just designed to make the game more tolerable to me. Darker loading screens, blur removals, no maxis loading screens, no glowing fruit trees, that type of thing, nothing that should affect the rendering of an elder. I returned those mods to my game folder and reloaded. Once again everything loaded as expected.

Down to the final few. I had 5 mods all by the same creator and when I returned that group to the mods folder and reloaded, my elders disappeared! Took the group of mods out, they returned. Now, I don't have anything against the creator, let me make that perfectly clear!

I returned to Mod the Sims in fact and pulled up the info on each of the mods in question and discovered that one of them was actually tagged as obsolete! In the long run, it was my own fault, having a mod in my game that was no longer useable, but it did take some trial and error to discover and locate it. Once I removed the mod in question, for anyone wondering, it was a mod that removed the annoying walkstyles.. the knees together "gotta pee" walk, the shoulders slumped "tired" walk and what was affecting my elders was the "elder" walkstyle being replaced by a normal walkstyle by the mod, causing them to disappear when the script didn't recognize the mod as it had been made obsolete by a patch while I was no longer playing.

As soon as I removed the mod from my folder, everything is back to how it should be and my game is once again working fine with all my elders in place!